Chroma Shot Logger
Published by Chroma Studio

Shot Loggers were, twice a year, short news letters.
They featured various types of projects Chroma Studio had worked on recently.
Along with production stills, they offered brief explanations as well.

Depending on the speed of your internet provider, the Shot Logger PDF file might take a minute to download.

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  • Using All Types of Lights

  • 2020

  • I'll Have Yellow Iron on Dirt, With a Touch of Spice

  • January
  • Studio and Location Lighting

  • 2019

  • Behind the Final Season

  • January
  • High Speed Dunk
  • Dark Horror
  • Less Light is not All Bad

  • 2018

  • Controlling Light
  • Shapes, Patterns & Colors

  • January
  • Interview Lighting

  • 2017

  • Lighting: It Focuses Your Attention
  • Just the Right Height
  • Lighting Classical Shapes

  • January
  • Cat's, Not on Broadway
  • Outside Illusion...Inside
  • A Stained Glass Illusion

  • 2016

  • Little Voices, Big Ideas
  • "We're Staying in Peoria"
  • "Hi, this isMike Rowe"

  • January
  • Jimmy Jib Edition